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36 từ vựng siêu ngầu về chủ đề bóng đá - Football vocabulary

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36 từ vựng siêu ngầu về chủ đề bóng đá - Football vocabulary 

36 từ vựng siêu ngầu về chủ đề bóng đá - Football vocabulary

Vocabulary: Topic FOOTBALL

1. a match: trận đấu

eg: Liverpool have a match with (= against) Blackburn next week.

2. a pitch : sân thi đấu

eg: Unfortunately the game was cancelled because of a waterlogged pitch.

3. a referee: trọng tài

The referee decided to allow the goal.

4. a linesman (referee’s assistant): trọng tài biên, trợ lý trọng tài

We have watched every foul, every back pass and every dispute between the linesman and the referee.

5. a goalkeeper : thủ môn

For a goalkeeper, it's a great advantage to have big hands.

6. a defender : hậu vệ

The Brazilian attack put France's defenders under pressure.

7. a midfielder: tiền vệ

The 22 -year-old Brazilian midfielder is ready to move to the Premiership.

8. Fullback: Cầu thủ có thể chơi mọi vị trí ở hang phòng ngự

The team played in a 235 formation throughout the campaign, with two fullbacks, three halfbacks, two outside forwards, two inside forwards and a centre forward.

9. a skipper : đội trưởng

John is (the) skipper of the team this year.

10. a substitute: dự bị

Johnson came on as a substitute towards the end of the match.

11. a coach : huấn luyện viên

Our football coach has worked hard to inculcate a team spirit into the players.

12. a foul: lỗi

He was sent off for a foul on the French captain

13. full-time: hết giờ

The score was 2–2 at full time

14. injury time: giờ cộng thêm do bóng chết

Thomas's were leading by four points in injury time.

15. extra time: hiệp phụ

For example, perhaps only with extra time is there an opportunity for both focus and predicted-accent effects to be fully operative.

16. offside: việt vị

Coventry had a goal disallowed for offside.

17. an own goal : bàn đốt lưới nhà

Our team lost when we scored an own goal late in the second half.

18. an equaliser: bàn thắng san bằng tỉ số

He scored an equalizer during the closing minutes of the game.

19. a draw: một trận hoà

The result was a draw

20. a penalty shoot-out: đá luân lưu

If that failed to separate the teams, a penalty shootout would determine the winner.

21. a goal difference: bàn thắng cách biệt (VD: Đội A thắng đội B 3 bàn cách biệt)

After their 2-0 win on Saturday, City lead the title race on goal difference

22. a head-to-head: xếp hạng theo trận đối đầu (đội nào thắng sẽ xếp trên)

Given the insufficient and conflicting data from head-to-head trials, these findings provide additional evidence to draw conclusions about the comparative benefits of these two drugs

23. a play-off: trận đấu giành vé vớt

The top four teams from each division qualified for the playoffs.

24. the away-goal rule: luật bàn thắng sân nhà-sân khách

We gradually got into this game and managed to get that away goal.

25. the kick-off: quả giao bóng

Liverpool kicked off an hour ago

26. a free-kick: quả đá phạt

No doubt he will take a free kick at the open goal.

28. a penalty: quả phạt 11m

The referee awarded (= gave) a penalty kick.

29. a throw-in: quả ném biên

The three goals came off of a header on a throw-in, a goal off of a failed clear, and a breakaway goal

31. a header: quả đánh đầu

They won the match after the header of the captain

32. a backheel: quả đánh gót

He managed to backheel the ball into his own net.

33. a prolific goal scorer: cầu thủ ghi nhiều bàn

Messi became Barcelona's prolific goalscorer that season.

34. a net : lưới (bao khung thành), cũng có nghĩa: ghi bàn vào lưới nhà

His penalty kick placed the ball decisively in the back of the net.

35. an underdog : đội thua trận

They are underdogs of the match

36. an unsporting behavior : hành vi phi thể thao

Unsporting behaviors are banned

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