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Viết lại câu Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Tuyển tập bài tập từ cơ bản tới nâng cao

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Viết lại câu Tiếng Anh lớp 8

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Rewrite these following sentences

  1. We usually visit museums when we have leisure time. (enjoy)

We _________________________________________

  1. Jenny finds reading poetry boring. (dislike)

Jenny _______________________________________

  1. Her old house is bigger than her new one.

Her new house _______________________________

  1. No one in my class is taller than Peter.

Peter _______________________________________

  1. The black dress is more expensive than the white one.

The white dress_______________________________

  1. Although the weather was bad, it did not delay the traffic.

In spite of ___________________________________

  1. They built a new bridge over the river.

A new bridge_________________________________

  1. You feel unhealthy because you don‟t take any exercise.

 If you ______________________________________

  1. I last wrote to my pen-pal two months ago.

I haven’ t ____________________________________

  1. Although he is strong, he can‟t move that stone.

 In spite _____________________________________

  1. Where does your brother work?” she asked me.

She asked me _________________________________

  1. You are not allowed to leave the room without permission. (mustn’t)


  1. It’s good idea to swallow rapidly if you have hiccups. (should)


  1. They once started these machines by hand.

They used to _________________________________

  1. He doesn’t get up late anymore.

He _________________________________________

  1. David had gone home before we arrived.

After ______________________________________

  1. We had lunch then we took a look around the shops.

Before _____________________________________

  1. The light had gone out before we got out of the office.

When ______________________________________

  1. After she had explained everything dearly, we started our work.

By the time _________________________________

  1. The building is very old. He lives there. (where)


  1. I will tell you something. You didn‟t know it before. (which)


  1. I’ll never forget the day. I met you then. (when)


  1. t was cold. However, Tom still went swimming. (although)


  1. John is very sad. He fails the final exam. (because)


  1. He never left the house. He had been born there. (where)


-The end-

Đáp án viết lại câu Tiếng Anh lớp 8

Rewrite these following sentences

  1. We enjoy visiting museums when we have leisure time.
  2. Jenny dislikes reading poetry.
  3. Her new house isn‟t so/ as big as her old one.
  4. Peter is the tallest in my class.
  5. The white dress isn‟t so/ as expensive as the black one. /The white dress is cheaper than the black one.
  6. If you invite her, she will come.
  7. The picture is too heavy to hang on the wall.
  8. They were not only tired but also hungry.
  9. Finishing their work, they went home.
  10. If she did not go out in the rain, she would not get wet.
  11. Tom is not strong enough to lift the table.
  12. You mustn’t leave the room without permission
  13. You should swallow rapidly if you have hiccups
  14. They used to start these machines by hand.
  15. He used to get up late.
  16. After David had gone home, we arrived.
  17. Before we took a look around the shops, we had had lunch.
  18. When we got out of the office, the light had gone out.
  19. By the time we started our work, she had explain everything clearly.
  20. The building where he lives is very old.
  21. I will tell you something which you didn‟t know before.
  22. I’ll never forget the day when I met you.
  23. Although it was cold, Tom still went swimming.
  24. John is very sad because he fails the exam.
  25. He never left the house where he had been born.

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