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Chủ đề 'Shopping’ Topics IELTS Speaking IELTS Part 1

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Chủ đề 'Shopping’ Topics IELTS Speaking IELTS Part 1

‘Shopping’ Topics

1. Who does most of the shopping in your household?

There isn't one person who does most of the shopping. I'd say it's a shared responsibility because we tend to go shopping together as a family.

2. What kind of shopping do you like doing?

I quite like shopping for presents for people's birthdays or for Christmas. My favourite type of shop would have to be a bookshop.

3. Is shopping a popular activity in your country?

Yes, it's very popular. Saturday is the busiest shopping day, and lots of people treat shopping as a kind of leisure activity, rather than something practical.

4. What types of shops do teenagers like best in your country?

I'm not an expert on teenage behaviour, but I guess they like buying clothes, music, gadgets... that kind of thing.

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