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Chủ đề ‘laughing’ Topics IELTS Speaking IELTS Part 1

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Chủ đề ‘laughing’ Topics IELTS Speaking IELTS Part 1

‘Laughing’ Topic

1. What kinds of thing make you laugh?

I laugh most when I'm with friends talking about funny things that have happened to us. I also like watching comedians and comedy films.

2. Do you like making other people laugh?

Yes, it's a nice feeling when you can make someone laugh because you can see that you've made them happy. It's great to share a funny moment with someone.

3. Do you think it's important for people to laugh?

Yes, of course. It's important to see the funny side of things; humour helps us not to take life too seriously. I think that laughter is good for our health.

4. Is laughing the same as feeling happy?

It's not exactly the same because you can be happy without laughing, and sometimes we laugh when something bad has happened; a sense of humour can help us to cope with difficult situations.


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