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Chủ đề ‘collecting’ Topics IELTS Speaking IELTS Part 1

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Chủ đề ‘collecting’ Topics IELTS Speaking IELTS Part 1

‘Collecting’ Topics

1. Have you ever collected anything as a hobby? (What?)

Yes. When I was younger I used to collect keyrings. I remember that my favourite was a Lego man keyring that someone bought me as a present.

2. What kinds of thing do people often like collecting?

Some people collect cheap items like stamps, keyrings or toys. Others collect expensive antiques, watches, jewellery or even cars.

3. Why do you think people collect certain objects?

Maybe they like the constant search for a new item, or they want to remember past experiences. Others might like the feeling of organising and presenting what they own.

4. Is there anything that you would like to collect in the future?

Yes. If I could afford it, I'd love to have a collection of guitars in different colours, shapes and sizes!

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