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Các topic IELTS speaking trong năm 2014 tại Việt Nam (Part 2 + 3)

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Các topic IELTS speaking trong năm 2014 tại Việt Nam (Part 2 + 3):

• Describe a photo you remember
- Mobile phones with camera
- Printed photos vs. photos on a computer screen
• Describe something you brought home from a trip
- Taking photos on trips
• Describe a book you read recently
- Adult's reading habits
- Influence of teachers vs. parents on children
• Describe an important job in your country
- Working conditions
• Describe a movie you enjoyed watching recently
- Benefits of movies
- Documentaries vs. movies
• Describe an interesting building in your country
- Architecture of the future
• Describe an activity that is healthy
- Health education for children
- Government's responsibility in raising health awareness
• Describe an popular public activity in your country
- Gender and Activity
• Describe an historical place that interests you
- The importance of history
- The influence of films on history
- Museums
• Describe a famous person you would like to meet
- Why some people are famous
- Staying famous
- The influence of fame
• Describe an activity that wasted your time
- Time management
• Describe a place where you would like to have a home
- Architecture style of your country
- People's preference for homes
• Describe an occasion when you invited friends to your home for food - Difference between eating at home vs. eating outside
• Describe an interesting animal you know about
• Describe a country that you would like to visit
- Purpose of overseas travel
- Local vs. International travel
- Foreign culture
• Describe an occasion when you went travelling
- Long trips
• Describe an item that you borrowed from a friend or a family member - Borrowing and lending things
- Housework
• Describe an indoor game that you enjoy
- Children and games
• Describe your first mobile phone

• Describe something you shared with other people - The importance of sharing
- The need for rules
• Describe a neighbour of yours

- Living in the countryside vs. living in the city
• Describe a place you want to go to but have not been to yet
- Who benefits from travel? the traveller, or the destination country
• Describe a smart phone app that you often use
- The influence of technology on people/society/old people
• Describe an interesting conversation you had with another person
- Face-to-face communication vs. online communication
- Differences between men and women's conversation
- Public speaking/presentation
• Describe a famous sportsperson who you know about
- How to be a professional sportsman
• Describe an interesting animal that you know about
- Learning about animals at school
• Describe a good law in your country
• Describe something you bought but rarely use
- Recycling
- Recent popular items
• Describe an item that you made for your friend
- Gifts that people give
• Describe a city that you visited
- Problems of big cities
• Describe the most beautiful person you have ever met
- The first lady of a country
• Describe a TV show or Radio program that you loved to introduce to your friends - Popular shows in your country

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