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IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe A part of your country that you find interesting

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Describe A part of your country

Describe A part of your country

Đề thi Describe A part of your country that you find interesting là một trong những đề IELTS Speaking part 2 hay ho thường gặp nên các bạn hãy cùng tham khảo ngay với Thầy Caden Cường về các trả lời ăn điểm nhé!

 Bài mẫu:

Vietnam is worldwide famous for its scenic landscape and outstanding food, and Da Nang is definitely a place where you can be very well catered for both of them. It is located in the central part of Vietnam and the city itself is a colorful burst of energy between its fast modernization and charm of the old towns.

Danang is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists thanks to its long stunning beaches. All the beaches have long stretches of white sand and the water is crystal clear. The sea can be calm at times but the surf can also be spectacular. The beach is not only beautiful but also easy to reach by different kinds of transport as it lies right next to the city.

Danang is also popular for its set of 6 awesome and quite eccentric bridges and that strikes many visitors to this fair city.

And if you have any chance to visit this lovely city, don’t forget to try its local food and let me put this simply Danang is a food lover dream.

With endless and insanely delicious food options, you could live here for years and never stop discovering the variety of authentic dishes in Central Vietnam. It’s got everything you could ever want for every mood and every palate.

Một bài mẫu hay band 7 khác, các bạn có thể tham khảo thêm cùng chủ đề

Describe an interesting place in your hometown (ielts-mentor)
You should say:

what it is
how you can go there
what people do there
and explain why you think it is an interesting place.

For my job I currently live in the capital city of our country which is ... (say the name of the capital city in your country...). It has been more than 5 years since I left my hometown and yet this is the town where my heart belongs to. I will always remember the days and places where I spent my childhood and teenage, the golden years of my life. The name of my hometown is (...say the name of your hometown...) and it is located in the northern part of the (... say the city/ district name where this town belongs to...). This town will always be special to me, no matter where I go, how far I go. There are many interesting places if I consider from different perspectives in my hometown that I can recall now. Out of these places, the rail station, which is located at the southern corner of our city is the one I would like to talk about.

In my childhood, the rail station in my hometown was the most mysterious and interesting place for us. We, as children, were not allowed to enter the main premises where the train stopped and this prohibition made us more curious about this place. This is still a place which is quite interesting for me. This is possibly because this rail station is the entry and exit point for me- to and from my hometown. When the train drops me in this station, I feel a sensation of being home. On the contrary, during the time of my departure, I feel an acute melancholy that I won't be able to express in words. This place has always been a mystery to me and it is still a place full of happiness, sadness and enigma.

From two other perspectives, this place is quite interesting to me. One- the surrounding view of this station is quite spectacular and would give someone an impression that he is standing on a tall mountain and can see the green fields below all around him. The view gives the first impression of the natural beauty this area has. In fact, I have never seen any other train station which is located in such a higher place and gives such a beautiful view. Second- the different types of people who come here each day is an interesting thing to observe. Some people come here to sell numerous products, some wait for their relatives or family members to arrive, some to see off their relatives or friends, and finally, some are part of the administrative office of the rail authority. In my opinion, this is an interesting hub for people of different ages, places and purposes.

If I am to suggest a foreign tourist about the interesting places of my hometown, I would suggest him to start with this rail station. This rail station will give a very good idea of our town, people and places to be there. To me, this is the gateway to a beautiful town where my heart belongs to.

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